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How to Write a College Application Essay

It’s hard to write about yourself when you feel you’re being judged.  It’s especially hard when you know what you write and how you write it may mean the difference between getting into the college of your choice or having

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Writing by Hand

I am a sponge when it comes to learning, and I am rarely very far from a notebook or pad.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m reading a book or watching a webinar — I take notes. Why?  Well, it’s a

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Learned Helplessness

If you haven’t seen this video, it will give you a lot of food for thought.  In what ways are we promoting a sense of learned helplessness in our teaching and in our communications?  What is the impact of learned

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Choices: Schools or Prisons

Thirty years ago, 10% of California’s budget went to higher education and 3% to prisons.  Today, nearly 11% goes to prisons, and 8% to higher education.

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Building an Incredible Mind

When I entered the room, my student already had his desk cleared and gave me his full attention. What a joy. I showed him the beautiful atlas I brought from home. I thought it might be a good resource for

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